About The PROPRIO FOOT® with EVO™

The newly redesigned PROPRIO FOOT with EVO utilizes intelligent ankle flexion to help users walk confidently and naturally, without watching the ground, trusting that their PROPRIO FOOT is stable and safe. The resultant lifelike gait reduces stress on back, hips, and knees, enabling users to walk longer, farther, and more comfortably, and most importantly, to walk their way.

Product Highlights:

  • Detects toe-off, triggering dorsiflexion during swing phase to safely clear the ground, curbs, and other terrain irregularities.
  • Senses and responds rapidly to changes in ground level gradient by adjusting ankle angulation.
  • Dramatically simplifies stair ascent and descent.
  • Includes Energy Vector Optimization (EVO) technology, closely mimicking the movement of the human foot, for a fluid, energetic, forward progression.
  • Lifelike ankle movement enables PROPRIO FOOT to adjust appropriately so the user can sit and stand normally.
  • At the push of a button, the PROPRIO FOOT automatically aligns itself, adapting to a wide variety of footwear.

Contact Us:
If you are interested in getting more information about The PROPRIO FOOT® with EVO™, please call us at 800-315-9808 or use our Contact Form to send us an email.

We have facilities in Santa Rosa, Corte Madera (Marin), and Ukiah.

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