Royce Brier

Position: Fabricator

Length of Employment: 21 Years

Family: Partner

Job Responsibilities: I do fabrication of prosthetic and orthotic devices. I order stock for the facility and assist with shipping/receiving and shop maintenance.

Why I work in the O&P industry: This work allows me to be creative. The things I make can actually be used to enhance other people's lives.

Projects:  When C-Legs first came out, I had a great deal of difficulty making adequate cosmetic covers for them.  I talked to the manufacturer and to the other technicians, I researched on the Internet, but the problems persisted.  Finally, a prosthetic central fabrication manager gave me some suggestions that I could work with, and the results are much better.

Hobbies:  I like spending time with my wife and my dog.  I enjoy movies, bicycling and Asian Studies.