International Aid

International Aid

Sierra Orthopedic Laboratory has provided staff members for several international assistance projects to assist in direct services, training, and facility development.


  • Assisted in fitting prosthetic patients following earthquake. Worked with local staff in the capital of Yerevan to fit patients.


  • Sierra Orthopedic Laboratory is proud to be supporting ProsthetiKa, a non-profit organization which helps amputees in developing countries. Established in 2004 by Jonathan Batzdorff, its mission is to create local capacity by training local technicians to care for their own amputees. In response to the recent earthquake in Haiti in which over 4000 people lost limbs, ProsthetiKa is converting two shipping containers into prosthetic fabrication laboratories and shipping them, along with all the tools, equipment and prosthetic components, to Haiti. ProsthetiKa volunteers will train local technicians to fit Haitian amputees with basic prostheses.  This will be an on-going project with volunteers from many organizations who have partnered with ProsthetiKa.


  • Project 1: Did an assessment of local services and completed a feasibility study in anticipation of needs. Assisted in planning, construction, and staffing of a private non-profit Prosthetics and Orthotics facility in St. Petersburg, Russia. Worked with local disabled support groups who were initiating the project.
  • Project 2: Taught Advanced Orthotics training workshop at St. Petersburg School of Prosthetics and Orthotics in St. Petersburg, Russia. Taught evaluation, design, and fabrication of lightweight thermoplastic bracing systems.


  • Planned, equipped and staffed the prosthetic and physical therapy sections of non profit rehab facility in an Earthquake torn region of Turkey. Assisted in the installation of equipment and opening of the facility.


  • Fit prostheses to indigent Mexican amputees and victims of polio. Fit braces to children and adults both in Mexico and those who were able to travel to California for our help.

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