Custom Prosthetic Services

  • Ultra light prostheses: The lightest weight materials available including titanium and carbon graphite are used to provide the lightest weight possible for the desired durability and function.
  • New functional componentry: The latest designs and components are used to provide maximum safety, and optimal function. Artificial knees, feet, and hands are constantly updated with more benefits to the wearer.
  • New skin-to-socket interface systems: A variety of materials such as urethane or silicon gel is used from which to choose the most comfortable and convenient material to wear against the skin. Every attempt is made to increase comfort, reduce friction and pressure, and reduce skin problems.
  • Myoelectric and microprocessor controlled prostheses: We are able to provide the most advanced electronic systems developed for both upper and lower extremity amputees.
  • Immediate postoperative fittings: We are able to fit an immediate prosthesis in the operating room to allow for the earliest possible rehabilitation following surgery.
  • Residual limb protection: We fit protective molded sockets for those people who are not yet ready for a prosthesis, but need the protection following surgery. These devices reduce the risk of re-injuring the amputation site, maintain range of motion, and control the development of post-operative edema.