Custom Orthotic Services

  • Custom Molded Thermoplastic Bracing Systems: Orthotic systems are individually designed and fabricated to the specific functional requirements of the client. Plastic orthotic devices are lightweight, cosmetic, adjustable. They are used for the arms, the legs, or the spine.
  • Lightweight Conventional Braces: The more traditional metal and leather brace designs are updated using light weight materials such as carbon graphite, and titanium.
  • Spinal Orthoses: Custom fabricated spinal systems address fractures, post surgery, or other conditions requiring supportive or corrective orthotic intervention for the spine.
  • Scoliosis Systems: Specialized orthotic devices for scoliosis are carefully fashioned to give the most comfortable and cosmetic result, while addressing the need to prevent or reduce further curvature of the spine.
  • Pediatric Orthoses: Special orthotic systems are fit to children with orthopedic disabilities. Tone Inhibiting Systems: Special bracing systems are designed for neurologically involved clients to provide optimal support, function, and comfort.